Our Environmental Statement

“We love the environment and the countryside within which we live and bring up our daughter. We owe it everything we have and we commit ourselves through our tenancy and influence to enhance and improve that environment”.

At Westmoor Farm we have joined up to an evironmental stewardship scheme under we have created a wonderful reedbed and  2 hectares  of unfertilised grassland. We can also boast of over 24km of 6 metre grass margins around our fields. These fantastic natural larders are home to and provide forraging areas for many species of endangered farmland birds such as Tree Sparrows, Corn Bunting and Lapwing.

To see a detailed report of our environmental activities and credentials go to our environmental management statement.

Westmoor Farm is situated 1½ miles west of the historic market town of Chatteris in the Fenland area of East Anglia. The landscape here is Agricultural, one of open fields decorated with a mosaic of ditches and drainage channels.

With an unrivalled open horizon and magnificent sunsets, this area is unique in the UK, an area we are immensely proud and privileged to live and work in.

My own passion after farming, has aways been nature and wildlife conservation. As a small boy I had a huge number of wildlife books and spent all the spare time I had exploring across the farm, looking for and identifying all the many species of flaura and fauna that lived here. I took over the tenancy of Westmoor Farm in 1989 when my father retired. When I had a chance in 2001 to join the prestigeous Countryside Stewardship Scheme  I signed up with the enthusiasm of a small boy…!!

I immediately got to work with the help of the local drainage board  building a brand new 5 acre reed bed. I specifically wanted to provide habitat for many of  “the species of my childhood”, that sadly were getting endangered due to modern farming practices.  Have a look here to view more details of our environmental work.Our reedbed was later to become a “blueprint” for other farmers to follow in the years to come.   I wasn’t aware at the time but I was embarking on a journey that was as fruitful and rewarding as any I could imagine.