Free Range Geese

We are still taking orders for geese for Christmas 2019

Please remember to order your fresh Goose in good time for Christmas. Priced at £9.25 per kilo (2.2lb) with free delivery to your door in the Cambridgeshire area, this will be a price hard to beat.

You can order by e-mail — remember include your name, delivery address and a contact phone number.

If it’s more convenient  you can contact one of our specially selected goose stockists. For a list of these high class retailers click here

Note these are our geese stockists they won’t necessarily stock our oil, conversely our oil stockists don’t in every instance stock our geese. When you order your goose from us, just say if you would like to buy a jar or two of our scrummy goose fat it’s £2.00 a jar and will wow your guests on Christmas day, we will deliver it at the same time as your goose.

Learn more about Munns Goose Fat here.

We started rearing “Free Range Geese” in 1999, starting with 20 birds hatched out from locally purchased eggs in our own small incubator. These birds were the ultimate in “free range”. We had no fence at all in those days …!!! Sometimes we would not see the birds during the day after they were let out in the morning, until it was feed time in the evening, and time to be shut up for the night as a safety measure against foxes. We have progressed a little since then, so now the birds are still Free range geese, but are confined on to about 8acres of grass by a peripheral stock fence, surrounded by an elctric fence to keep foxes out. Unlike those early days however the birds are now allowed to stay out, or come in at night, depending on what they decide themselves. The intallation of the surrounding electric fence means that they are now safe 24 hours a day from those bushy tailed preditors but have the freedom to graze and range to their heart’s desire.

For  more  information on how we rear our Free Range Geese go to Rearing Geese