November 2016

Well!!! –  November has started wet and the cereal crops on the farm have finally got what they needed … RAIN …

The free range geese are doing very well this year.  Grass this time of year is of low quality and doesn’t grow very fast and contributes the absolute minimum to the goose’s overall dietary needs, so, as is usual for early November, we bring the geese in off the large paddocks onto smaller strawed areas. During damp cold weather that often typifies November, we can bed the geese more effectively on a limited area thus keeping them warmer, dryer and more comfortable and the loss of the low value grass has insignificant impact on the birds performance.

There has been an enormous amount of interest in our geese this year and orders are well ahead of last year. Word is getting out that we are the premier goose producers in East Anglia. Why not contact us and get a goose direct from the farm, or if you prefer you could go to your  local butcher.

Remember with a Munns free range goose you are guaranteed a truely seasonal fayre, indeed British free range goose is the only commonly eaten totally seasonal bird that we have left in this country.

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